Testimonials for the The Flow State frequency

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Nina Kathrin Weber

"Oh, this is a good one!!!! I've used it for only half an hour earlier and it really got me into feminine flow and a receptive state and it still lasts, I've meanwhile done other things and some physical work and still feel in a nice flowing state without having to overdo, overthink or over-engineer stuff which sometimes is my tendency. I felt an activation of the lower chakras interestingly and a lot of energy moving through, till all the way down into my feet. I feel this frequency is really helping people to get more into the receptive state and live from this space! It helps loosen up inner resistance and overthinking."

Joanna Milano

"First thing... my finger was moving rapidly itself, lots of pin and needles all over my body, sense of clicking... Unusual state in my ears... Something dense earthy .."

Melinda T.

“I loved Flow State! I felt it right away and in just a few minutes I was on fire with my work, lol. I’m definitely going to buy this one soon and I’m excited to try out some more of these!”

Lexiee Nicole

"I'm very impressed throughout the day my vibe is in a state of flow and I'm more tuned and interested with life and I feel more confident for some reason."

John Davis

"Subtle but powerful. Gives me a sense of timelessness and ease when performing tasks, even ones that I hate."

Melinda Timpone

"Man, this hits like a hammer, haha! I think I'm pretty sensitive to energy, and I had to wait till I felt like I had enough of my own energy to spare before I could give this a fair test. I get sucked into my work almost instantly on this frequency. Tbh it kinda reminds me of how adderall felt when I was taking that for my ADHD lol! I'm quite happy to have this and a few other tools to help me focus and get stuff done so I don't ever have to go back to meds like that. :)"