Testimonials for the Sunlight frequency

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Christopher Gabe

"As for the Sunlight, I felt the a flow right in my head, although I wasn't harbouring any thoughts but I feel relieved and relax and chilled."

Jessica Radigan Fansler

"Good morning! I tried the Sunlight Frequency last night! SO.... Here is what I experienced. I was shocked to find my ears ringing as soon as I looked at the image, it was faint but definitely could hear the ringing. It also lifted my mood. I was in a very depressed state when I started looking at the image and it I started to see things that were positive instead of negative. Now with all of this being said, I am very aware of the placebo affect and I really don't think that was it. I am going to try another frequency today and I will let you know. Thank you for these!!"

Rasmus Abel

"Yesterday I used the sun program the whole day basically. A new, interesting effect occurred. In the evening I felt that everything is so crystal clear like it never has occurred for me. Like an alcoholic being sober over many years, quite strange and good feeling :) Like some filter had been removed from me and real life.


"This is sometimes a quite important program when i spend a lot of time in a room. I immediately feel the energizing effect and mood increase. It feels like nothing negative that comes from outside can touch you."