Testimonials for the Root Chakra Support frequency

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Tianah Lynn Rey

"Omg!!! This is incredible! First of all, the website is gorgeous stunning and seamless. I chose to try root chakra and I completely broke down. I felt it right away and it is so healing for me. Ive never been able to root myself down anywhere or feel safe. The frequency also gave me the missing experience of feeling loved & provided for which made me cry even more in a good way. I'm still crying. This is so incredibly healing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Tyler Hardwick

"From the root chakra power energy, I feel more balanced and more calmness. My body felt stronger, specifically my neck and my back."

Jean Carlo Tavarez

"The energy is warm and calming, I feel like it's covering me like a blanket. I became aware of the field."

Umntwana Nobenga

"I tried the root chakra one and I could feel a warmth and an easing in the area looking forward to trying more."

Jaim Ocampo

"It just calmed me down and help me be in the body. Because I think there’s some really painful stuff that’s resurfacing and I’m subconsciously trying to avoid feeling it."