Testimonials for the Restore All Chakras frequency

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Kerry Delia Bavin

"This was incredible! I have fibromyalgia. So in a lot of pain the majority of the time but mostly in specific places. Im also aware of my chakra around my liver being blocked due to holding onto anger. Well I instantly felt a strange sensation in my root chakra which quickly moved to my liver area. And I felt like it was pulsating. It stayed there the full hour.

I was also aware of my heart chakra being healed I felt like I was losing years of emotion because I could feel tears starting. My back popped which is where I get pain and also my leg popped and jerked which is also where I get pain. My third eye felt a pressure. And as I had my eyes closed I was seeing lots of purple and pinks that then changed into blue with gold sparkles."

Maryjanne Summer

"First of all thank you again for sharing these frequencies so graciously. Second, the frequencies are crazy powerful. The last one that you shared on the chakras, in the middle of the night, I was awoken with ALMOST a Kundalini experience.

The energy started at the crown and worked ALMOST to the root... if you know what I mean lol. This healing frequency I can feel from head to toe. I am healing myself from what they call 'cancer' and I can feel these frequencies throughout my entire body.

I am going to try what you suggest and focus them with intent on the area the lymph nodes are affected. I won't have a way to report back to you how they affected them but I KNOW they are doing something positive because the energy is good. It feels very very good! I love it when it's so tangible! Thank you again!"

Danielle Strode

"I felt it in my 3rd eye almost immediately! At one point my hands felt warmer. I tried to pay attention to my whole body. I just felt really good mostly. Random memories came up again from childhood mostly this time."

Laura Thomas Vroman

"I have had a beautiful experience with these energy! I was first drawn to pull a few crystals near and then began toning. I directed the energy throughout my body to address pain and then was drawn to my lymphatic system to clear it of debris and move the fluid throughout my body to assist the mitochondria and reduce inflammation. I could feel work being done at my alta major and then in my heart chakra.

I felt directed to stand during this process and pull/bridge the energy from soul star to earth star, Metatron and Sandalphon assisting in this to ground the energies - Heaven/QF to Gaia. I am still feeling this energy around and through me, assisted and surrounded by many of the light. I am also quite emotional as I receive this, and I am sure this is normal.

This is continuing after receiving the energy for 10 min. I have had a release of pain at the back of my neck and my right shoulder blade - am waiting to assess the lower back and lower."

Raja Hammoudeh

"Wow I love this one! It's just quite soothing like I feel like my heart chakra opened so there's definitely more energy in that area. And my headache calmed down. My breathing feels more deep like I'm breathing from my whole body as opposed to just my throat. I just feel a lot more freshened up. Not sure how to explain but it's good!"


"I really like this chakra frequency. As soon as I opened it I felt like it really opened up my breathing canals, and I could feel my breath flowing from my root chakra rather than how I usually feel it from my chest only. I also felt my heart chakra really open up and my chest just feels really clear and overall freshened up. My headache was also soothed after opening it. It's great!"

John Davis

"Purely amazing. I've searched for 2 years for a tool that could help me repair, open support and activate every single chakra. You're the only person that's produced this. The fact that this app works on hundreds of energy points at once doesn't dilute its power either. It helps soothe aches and pains too. This frequency provides a sense of calm bliss, calming and centering energy as well. I've also been able to lucid dream better and can recall my dreams perfectly after just a few days of using this."

Ashley Moran

"The minute I opened it I felt the energy all over it was a very soft calm energy and was very pleasant. Before starting emotial state was already quite good probably a 7 during I started to feel great I probably went to about 8 or 9 in the short space.

Physically before I wasn't very tired again I'd say about a 7 maybe 8 and during the trial I felt noticeably energised. Spiritually I have come to a standstill the past few weeks I'd say almost blocked. After this trial I heard from one of my guides which hasn't happened before and I also feel like I am sensing energies that little bit more intense.

During the trial physically at the beginning I felt really nice energy fuzzy is how I would describe it lol. Then I felt vibrations in the palms of my hand a very soft almost like a buzzing which intensified this felt like it kinda moved up and down my arms I felt noticeably calmer the whole time.

At 1st I thought Is this in my head am I just imagining it because I want to but then one by one I felt each chakra react/ vibrate at random which kinda made me think right this is definatly not in my head.

I used the whole hour of the trial and towards the end I did feel a little restless maybe over energised like I needed to go for a run to burn some energy but shortly after the trial was over I felt back to normal again.

I have been working on my chakras for months with little progress this just really kinda blew my mind as it felt like so much progress in a tiny amount of time I will definatly in the future be purchasing a copy to amplify."

Ana Paula

"I had a boost in energy, concentration, motivation and self-worth."

Gita Gavare Marotis

"I feel kinda blissful, calm, empowered, safe, and glad."


"The old one was a good product and very useful but the new one is a gamechanger for me. I always wanted something that works on my whole energy body and this does a great job. I feel more balanced and my energy sensitivity increased. I think my overall energy also increased and sometimes i experience a coherent high feeling from this product. "