Testimonials for the Radiation Protection frequency

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Danielle Strode

" I use my phone a lotttt. My headaches are gone, I feel relief. It is a lot better than any other anti-radiation device. Thank you for creating it!"

Rasmus Abel

"The radiation protection makes me feel much better when it's turned on and I'm on a device or near some electromagnetic devices like in stores os."

Alexander Moritz

"I tried radiation protection for the first time today and I felt great, like on holiday, very relaxed. I think there's like 20 wifi routers that I receive here so yeah …"

Jaim Ocampo

"There’s a 5G cell tower near our place and I always noticed whenever I’m home I just feel like shit. But when I use this frequency I feel calmer, less feeling like my nervous system is getting whacked. Less anxiety too. More relaxed. I notice that when I put radiation protection on.... it feels like I can be myself like I’m not always in fight or flight."