Testimonials for the Perfect Health frequency

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Aleksandra Vasileva

"I very much felt this one the most from all the ones I have tried. It feels quite powerful. Strong vibration all over the front upper part of my body. When I first opened it I felt the energy hug me and almost pull me into it.

The experience also brought heavier vibration to the upper chest area. I began yawning, which for me is a sign for releasing energy and this happens during healing sessions. So very well done, I love this one and overall your work is quite remarkable. Thank you for doing what you do. I am super happy to be assisting in your discoveries."

Danielle Strode

"It went well! It worked while I was using it. My nose and eyes started running. It made the healing process faster. My body ache went away."

Maryjane Summer

"I have my 2 grandkids painting in my room where the frequencies are open on the laptop. They wanted to open another window on the laptop and I said fine but leave the frequency tab open.

Then my granddaughter (8) who is so sensitive to energy pipes up and says - hey whatever that is coming out of the laptop is making me feel really good. It's actually calming me down.

She is like 3 fire signs. Then my grandson says - yeah ... it's making me really relaxed. I didn't tell them ANYTHING prior to that comment outside of leave that tab open. So for what that's worth, the kids feel it physically."


"As soon as I opened this energy my headache eased up immediately."

Laura Thomas Vroman

"Ah...so many experiences with this and crown above forehead still buzzing. Third eye, right eye, right sinus, and throat at first. Again, felt right to stand and move to assist energy flow through the body. Also felt it opening, illuminating and deepening heart pathways. I directed to pathogen clearing within the cells. I was also taken to my recent time in Sedona, standing high on the red rock and at vortexes."

Nina Kathrin Weber

"I really enjoyed the energy from Perfect Health, nice relaxing, uplifting and vitalising energy! Feels light and harmonising!"


"I catched a flu. As I opened the energy I felt some kind of a freshness in my nose and in my sinuses. Literally my throat chakra had been stimulated. I left it opened throughout night and for the next day after I feel better now."

Maryjane Summer

"Detox symptoms improving dramatically. My dreams seem to be more vivid. Not sure if that's your frequencies or an effect of them but last night I got almost step by step instructions on creating a board game on spirituality.

I need to write it down before I lose it all. I know these frequencies are pushing out the acids because my lips have been super chapped every morning since we started this and that's a new thing. Kidneys are filtering and that's HUGE."

Dorothea Russell

"It feels lovely, my head and stomach/lower upper body was pulsing and feeling pleasantly heavy."

Sudesh Shetty

"I felt very calmer, the energy is growing stronger now. I noticed burping. It's working on stomach more, bowel movement."

Zaid Bhabha

"My tension headache and neck tension cleared."

Iama Guna

"My liver twinge is gone! I have just been using this energy for maybe 5 minutes. When I close my eyes, I see pulsing waves of light. It is powerful but has a kindness. It's a loving energy that does not overwhelm. I am consciously welcoming the energy into any area in my body that has any stress or disfunction. I feel a quiet calmness and peace."

Cheryl Clark

"The energy felt heavy on the left hand side of my chest at first. I then felt cocooned by a warm embracing energy that alleviated pain in my right big toe. I fell into a peaceful and restful semi state of sleep. I am feeling lighter and at peace."

Ruxandra Mioara Apostol

"I felt my nostrils dilate and I began to breathe, deep from my belly. I felt how it swells and deflates. I said in my mind: I receive this energy and I purge out everything that is negative.

I felt like a wave of fresh air enters my body. I burst into tears. In the beginning was warm, then cold. I left the phone with the energy emitting near me and I catch myself massaging my earlobes. I never did this before. I continued massaging the lobes and then the whole area of the ears.

I noticed that the hands knew where to reach and what pressure to put. I finished the massage, I wrapped myself, then I breathed several times deep and opened my eyes. I am at peace but I hear a whizzing in my ears."

Ana Paula

"Wow, I felt some amazing energy coming in as soon as I opened the energy. It was like breathing in fresh air. OMG it works! No stomach ache anymore! The energy comes and goes in waves."

Okki Jatikusuma

"Hours ago, my belly was itchy and there were a lot of small bump around, its different case than what I wrote before. And then I told the energy to cure my itchiness around that area while looking at the perfect health picture. And after only a few minutes I cant feel any itchiness around my belly anymore even if the small bump remains. This product is reaaalllyy amazing! I truly appreciate the creator of this product

UPDATE: Its been almost 2 months since I bought perfect health and had been using it mostly for my itchiness problem. Its finally fully healed my itchiness, the itchiness no longer come back even if Im not using perfect health or I intend it to works for another physical problem. Such a great tool!".

Laura Thomas Vroman

"I noticed less pain in my neck, yesterday, and the 'kink' in my shoulder went away. I feel the same today - very good to experience this improvement. Will keep you posted, and thank you!"

Pily Pilar

"Feel like swirling all over. Kind of like when u use a bobble wand and it makes circles clockwise. It goes clockwise and counter clockwise depending and what u need. Healing or clearing. It’s like I can feel and see my chakras swirling and also one big swirl on the whole body. It’s not overwhelming, just right. Thanks!"


"As soon as I opened this energy my headache eased up immediately before I read that the frequency was already active."


"This is really soothing and it stimulates my heart chakra."

Paula Mello Hansson

"It felt great att the beginning. Then I accidentally closed down the page and missed the rest. I started up again and felt some peace at the beginning and later I fell asleep. Thanks for the trial!"

Okki Jatikusuma

"Physical sensation became smoother, still noticeable though. Much stronger than before, for me its better to use it for around 10 minutes by put the picture in front of me rather than let it keep flowing as what I used to do.

The frequencies seems to build up over time, just barely noticeable at first minute, but seems getting stronger after a few minutes.

After 10 minutes (ideal for me), my whole body feels healthier.
If I overuse it there is a risk it will induce sort of healing crisis (anger or hatred kind of thought and feeling) and I would have to drink a lot of water to dissolve it quickly. Tried to use it for my mom, 10 minutes seems ideal for her too, more than 10 minutes could induce headache for her.

Its great though, it only needs short amount of time to make me feels healthier."