Testimonials for the Pain Relief frequency

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Metrinah Mfazo

"I tried this one for healing yesterday. My acute shoulder pain disappeared. My life seems to be back to normal. Unbelievable. I usually don't sleep, but yesterday I slept and thought today I will feel pain but I haven't felt any."


"I did feel little difference in knee pain when I tested the free trial of this frequency. So I thought to buy the actual product. Update after I bought the product: it is 100% effective on the headache and for my joint & muscle pain it is 50% effective. It is now a little easier to do day to day activities. Thank you!"

Rasmus Abel

"I tried the pain relief program for my hip nerve pain.
In about 2 minutes of time, I started to feel the effect of the program. The pain got lighter quite fast, I would say...I tried it for about 30 minutes and the pain decreased by about 60 %."