Testimonials for the Monoatomic Gold frequency

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Kerry Delia Bavin

"Ok I've done it. It was very powerful again. I felt my hands heat up. Again I felt tearful. But the one thing that stood out to me was my third eye. I see it as a small white dot in minds eye. This time it was a brilliant bright blue and it got larger and larger. I was quite shaky on my arms. Oh yes my head ! My crown. When I meditate I feel a tingle. This time I felt like it went further. I don't know much about the other chakras but I'm aware we have more. I felt like there was energy pushing further higher. Like a vice from my crown to above. I have no idea if that makes sense"

Raja Hammoudeh

"Feels kind of soothing. I feel most of it in my heart and throat chakra opening up. And I feel in the present moment rather than my mind wandering so it's pretty grounding."

Maryjane Summer

"Hear it. Really hear it. Feel the crown physically. Feel the heart. Feels like a bubble. Feels white/blue and bright/yellow? Feels like I'm moving in jello. When I close my eyes I feel like I'm being moved around by an ocean wave but gentle. Like when you're in waste deep and a wave goes by and it moves you in a circle lol.

Feels really good. I would more so in the lower dantien as far as vibration but then it's like a cloud or airy though the heart and head at all but feel the crown for sure. No pressure in the head at all. Still feel happy lol. Better be careful before you create a bunch of happy people. It's not overwhelming but it's not subtle either. Does ANY of that make sense?"


"This product helps me a lot to achieve a certain meditative state during the day. Also, the energy flow and energy increase and it puts me in a good mood in the morning to start the day. Also, it's a helpful tool for shadow work because it allows subconsciously held beliefs and worries to surface and become understood."