Testimonials for the Money Flow frequency

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Jaim Ocampo

"The money frequency sort of talks to me like a friend, I feel supported in a way like someone’s got my back. The first day my body felt hot like there was energy entering my body.

Then the next couple of days a lot of memories started to surface and clear up... was a bit uncomfortable, but I pushed through it, almost wanted to stop and give up. There was a lot of resistance to money. But the energy just kept saying it’ll be alright, like a loving friend or family member.

I have been using the money frequency continuously for 5-6 days as a wallpaper on my phone and laptop and my buddy called me out of the blue to help him with some stuff and got money for it lol. He paid me $140, which was more than I thought. And he says he’s got more work for me.

UPDATE: I've been using it every day and I’m paying off my debts easily and I don’t spend money carelessly anymore. And my boss gave me a raise. Also, my buddy is trying to hook me up with a huge project that will pay a lot. I am noticing that I feel better and better about money like it’ll be there for me, I’m not desperate for it, I have the feeling it will come and it comes!"