Testimonials for the Meditation Bliss frequency

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Raja Hammoudeh

"I feel like it's just clearing my mind. And I feel very relaxed. And I feel a movement of energy in the lower chakras. I feel very mindful and just in the present moment. Usually I am worried about other things but not currently. Whoa this stuff is really good dude!"

Tyler Hardwick

"I just felt a huge release in my stomach chakra, like the tension gone, a wave of energy flow. It's a release of fears, like a bliss."

Danielle Strode

"I felt a tingling sensation at the top of my head! I felt warm, comforted and content. My heart felt more joyful. This energy just feels really good. Like the universe is taking care of me."


"Usually during meditation, it takes like 15-25min to experience that "switch" into the flow state and with this one, it goes two to three times faster than normal."

Ana Paula

"I tested it for one and a half hours and noticed it affected my heart chakra, like a slightly uncomfortable cleansing. My mind was clear and I was was able to concentrate better. "


"I tested it for about 27 min and it was great, I definitely felt the healing energy and I did have an easier time meditating. It worked!"