Testimonials for the Klamath Algae frequency

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Danielle Strode

"I tested the klamath algae one! I felt it predominantly in my heart chakra! I was drawn to this frequency. I love nature. I feel like everything outside looked more vibrant. I do have a cold right now but after a few minutes I felt lighter and not as heavy. I tried to fall asleep with it, things kept coming up for me though. Past memories and people. Overall it feels good! I do recommend it!"

Florian Mates

"Klamath Algae is making me feel really warm, cocooned. When I started I had I movement instantly in my bowels, physically, like a release, I felt the energy in my brain shifting and I started hearing a very high sound in my ears (I can often hear non physical textured sounds in my ears)."

Tyler Hardwick

"The klamath algae one feels amazing, it feels like I am eating mint or something but in my body, like a cleansing, like a cool feeling."