Testimonials for the Immersive Coherence frequency

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Laura Thomas Vroman

"I experienced this energy in many ways! As I first closed my eyes, I saw a subtle magenta web of energy. I soon felt a release in my shoulder blades, so seemed a release of the heart from the back. At times it felt like 'work' was being done in my head - a 'stitching' of sorts. When I went deeper and set an attention to receive more, I felt more bliss and started smiling. I'd say I felt expansion in both heart and head...and also between. I tried for about 20 min. At least 12 min. of that I was entirely still with the program.

The coherence seemed to be my experience. It will be interesting to note how long the calm is sustained. Oh yes...almost from the beginning I had a sense of being consoled, almost held in this energy. A very loving energy!"


"I always wanted an energetic frequency of epsilon for deep meditation state and restful sleep and this does a very good job at this."