Testimonials for the Illness Eradication frequency

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Rasmus Abel

"I could say that it made me calm emotionally, but not too calm/dizzy like a hum....like really nice and smooth calm... Like after 1 puff of weed os. Around 5th minute i started to see forests and stones.. Basically they flashed before my eyes untill the end of the program. About after 10 minutes i felt really nice and smooth flow in my third eye...like not too strong flow... Kind of good flow, like something really good is flowing trough me. At the same time my body started to "float", like on a deep meditation... The floating got stronger and stronger and i am pretty sure that it could had lead me to obe(outer body experience) if more time would have passed. "

Daniel Blaga

"My mother has MS (mild) and she really feels more alive and happier since I put Illness Eradication for her."

Venkat Raju

"I'm going very well actually. My headaches are gone for the moment. Again I want to thank you for introducing me to this frequency."