Testimonials for the Entity Removal frequency

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Jaim Ocampo

"I started the entity removal free trial and at the start, I was feeling really anxious and scared... like someone is out to get me. Something in me didn't want to use it. I was having fear of using it actually (I guess that was the entity that didn't want to be discovered and removed). There were these images of “evil things” that popped up in my head.

Then, after like 10 minutes, my chest relaxed and my lower back felt unblocked... I could feel happiness and my own thoughts flowing. I’m not afraid to follow my dreams. I can think clearer. I can visualize my future without negative voices shooting them down."

Rasmus Abel

"I can say that the whole experience felt like purifying on another lever. I felt the energy moving through me at first... then it became like "enlighting energy"...I was feeling like I was being enlighted trough my whole body and soul.....At some point the energy started to"clean" the spine...it was a pleasant feeling... At some point, I started to feel energy flow in my pineal gland, like I feel on a long meditation. I had thoughts about sex and different women. At the end I was like really tired, I think I could have fallen asleep at the end also. Today I tried qigong and the blockage in my spine is gone."

Zaid Bhabha

"I accessed the entity removal energy. I was not certain if I had an entity attachment. As soon as I accessed the energy, my face and chest heated up. I allowed the energy to run while I slept. I am feeling clear this morning with none of my prior pain."