Testimonials for the Energetic Purification frequency

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Danielle Strode

"The energetic purification one is amazing. I am a massage therapist. And I just got home from working 2 days in a row and an hour long drive. I deal with energy exchange all day long. And almost instantly I felt better after opening that free trial. I have more energy, I’m not as achy and sore. I actually started smiling! When just a couple moments before I felt completely drained and defeated."

Connie Stalley Stauddy

"I have never done anything like this but I knew I needed to raise the vibrations in my body because of mental and physical draining. I had it on all day and the awful back pain I have had was starting to subside. I was so excited. This was huge for me. I also had severe depression and my pain was almost debilitating. I felt like I myself for the first time in a very long time with this energy. You are a lifesaver!"

Sorina Iliana Iordache

"I felt an opening in my heart and I felt connected with the earth. Also, I noticed mental and emotional coherence. Overall it was like a releasing, like an opening."

Rasmus Abel

"The energetic purification made me literally feel like my field is being purified. I felt warm, swirling energy moving vertically up and down. The energy was very calming, and at the same time uplifting and positive. I had thoughts about beautiful places and the bright future ahead. It was a very good experience."

Jaim Ocampo

"With energy purification I felt the negativity clear and felt peace right away."