Testimonials for the Earth Resonance frequency

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Tyler Hardwick

"The earth one felt very wavy to me like a strong energy flow. And it felt like my head was empty, like a clearness. I have a very hectic mind so I think it helped."

Annette Torres

"My body feels free and light of stagnant and negative energy. My head is clear. I feel energy flowing throughout it. Idk how you created this but it’s golden. Game changer for sure. I feel some sort of tingling sensations throughout my body. And like I said I instantly felt these feelings when I started it."

Chandra Mani Saraswati

"Well it definitely works , as soon as it went in with the earth frequency the pitch of my Tinnitus changed . Seems i’m wifi sensitive , and can actual hear the wifi vibrating the electrons of the Mitochondria in my body. The pitch changed as soon as i turned it on to a much more calmer nurturing pitch. And when i turned it off , the pitch changed to the annoying pitch that gives me insomnia."

Giuseppe Diciocia

"Those products are astonishing, I keep experiencing with them incredible growth and I decided to give feedback as I am trying them. (been working with energy for the past 12 years with different modality, therefore the sensibility)

Here is my experience with the earth resonance frequency in real-time:

1. the earth energy it’s coming up my legs, effortlessly, I don’t have to think about doing it.
2. I feel it working on my kidneys
3. it’s grounding my body and it feels more comfortable to be present into it
4. this is allowing me to release energy junk present in my bodies (physical, emotional, etc.)
5. it’s allowing the release of energy cords
6. the breathing is improving
7. the whole area around me feels grounded and still
8. releasing more energetic cords just by being more embodied
…will share more as it comes

I am testing this with my nephew which is a natural empath and gets overwhelmed by other energy and has erratic energy that doesn’t allow him to be still and focused while he is in front of the pc doing online school, will share more soon."

Diaa Aljallal

"Earth resonance is good and healing for my existence also I feel lower core support."