Testimonials for the Depression Healing frequency

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Rasmus Abel

"After about 5-10 seconds from starting it I started to have memory pictures from my childhood...but from only positive memories... The "rate" of the program felt high... usually I get about 1 "signal" per second from your other programs, but this one gave me 2 signals per second.

It felt just like the memories inside me had been set to the boxes/spaces, where I know that they exist, but I left only good memories out of the boxes... I know that the bad ones exist, but they exist like in some other form, like emotions between them were cut off...

It's quite hard to explain it, it was mentally like on another lever, comparing to your other programs. Let's say my brain is a computer... I felt like some other supercomputer is doing some operations on me, that I am not fully capable of myself... or it may take a long time for me.

Like there is a billion of bits of data, of which few ones interrupt to a normal functioning... and this program knew how to select them out... As I said, it was totally different experience for me."

Jaim Ocampo

"The depression one definitely dug deep back into a lot of repressed sadness and emotional pain when I broke up with my ex. I was depressed for a long time then and didn’t really know how to heal it. Trying the depression frequency lifted most of that up and I felt self love and compassion for myself."

Diaa Aljallal

"Depression Healing is effective, it makes me understand that I have depression because of someone in my life and that I suppress the feelings because I was helpless."


"It helps clear a lot of my depression. I never knew I had a lot of depression until it was healed. Highly recommended."