Testimonials for the Brain Support frequency

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Rasmus Abel

"This program gave me the ultimate knowing that whatever you decide, you must decide it in your heart first. The heart first makes the decision and then you can view and scale this decision with the power of your mind. "


"For sure, this one is on my daily list and im surprised how good you are able to interact with the field. I asked once to stimulate brainwaves from epsilon to gamma and i instantly come into a impactful coherent state."

Jaim Ocampo

"I tried the brain support and man I had the most productive day that day. I just felt my brain working properly again."

Huy Dang

"It seems my mental clarity has been a lot better. And I process things quicker it seems. And I remember things a lot easier too. Like my brain is in pretty good shape, but it seems I used to always forget up the tiniest things. It seems that has diminished. And also, I feel I am able to retain information just a little bit better."


"I’ve started with Brain Support and it is REALLY, REALLY helping. It’s been a god send. I feel my attention, directed less and less to the issue and more back to my life and normal. It seems the tinnitus has largely receded, in my internal perception, from ‘in my head’ to back localized around the ear with the Eustachian tube issue. There are times these days where it is very faint. It is clear to me the brain support is addressing the issue as it’s developed on a neurological level."