Testimonials for the Black Kyanite frequency

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Angela Delattre

"I tried the Black kyanite and was BLOWN away! I have a very unusual story when it comes to my experience with the Black kyanite frequency... I became involved with someone a few years ago and my kundalini became activated. He and I were also able to exchange energies and had a psychic connection. I was very ill at the time and only later earned he was a sociopath. I left and he has been very angry and obsessed ever since.

He performed dark energy work on me. I wasn't aware of it. He has also been projecting negative psychic energy on me and even resorted to trying to manifest things in my behavior. I was already aware of this...his energy is dark and heavy. He confirmed it. We have an energetic link.

I have tried cutting cords...all kinds of psychic protection, reiki, crystal healing, binaural beats, and even self hypnosis, EFT, and SRT. I have done a lit of meditating and chakra work... Even so, he has been able to break through. I have been struggling with lethargy and negativity. I tried the Black kyanite Frequency. At first, I felt a warm pulsing throughout my body with a main focus on the crown chakra.

Then it felt that I was being enveloped in a warm hug before it felt like my energy field was strengthening and expanding. It felt lovely. I was able to meditate quite easily and felt some clearing if the 3rd eye which has been blocked. I felt clean. I haven't felt clean in a long time. The great thing was after only 30 min. My mind was crystal clear and I had no difficulty staying present and out of my head which is a major issue for me.

I was able to complete tasks much more easily and the lethargy was gone! In fact, I only slept 3 hours last night...still going strong...I am a HUGE fan. I REALLY needed to find this and will be buying as I can and have already been spreading the word. You have no idea how grateful I am. I know I sound a little crazy but this stuff is very real. Thank you!"


"I've never heard of this stone and was surprised how big the list of benefits are. At first i wasn't impressed because it didn't felt that strong like other product but the impact after 10-20min it had on me was undeniable. I like it a lot to use it after some intense energy work to calm down. I clearly can feel how it brings my bodies in order and repairing it. A great overall product."

Okki Jatikusuma

"Black kyanite give me something like “purification energy” similar to the subtle energy that I use for my spiritual purification. The energy is strong but I'm affraid it will fasten and intensify my cleansing process which gonna be hard for me cause I'm in a middle of cleansing process from my spiritual purification."