396 hz Solfeggio
396 hz Solfeggio
Get the maximized benefits of the pure energy of the 396 hz Solfeggio without sound
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396 hz Solfeggio

The Solfeggio frequencies have been used centuries ago within specific groups of monks for spiritual purposes. Recently, these frequencies have been rediscovered and integrated into different healing practices. Now you can experience the benefits of the 396 hz Solfeggio, without having to listen to hours of solfeggio tones which tend to become tiring for the ears and brain. This energetic product emits the pure energy of the original 396 hz Solfeggio in its most precise form, without sound, sourced directly from the Quantum Field and giving you much stronger and quicker results than the usual solfeggios that use sound.

Here is a list with only some of the benefits of the 396 hz Solfeggio energetic product:

  • helps dissolve fear and have more courage
  • helps you with the material and financial situation
  • strengthens the root chakra, the earth star chakra and other subpersonal chakras
  • increases vitality and energy
  • helps the bones, organs, tissues and the skin
  • helps with grounding and stability
  • increases confidence and makes you feel driven towards your goals accelerating their manifestation
  • provides support in periods of grief
  • enhances your muscles, your physical strength and athletic performance
  • rejuvenates the physical body

This product consists of an energetically encoded JPG image (1111 x 1111px resolution) that broadcasts powerful and highly beneficial quantum energetic signatures that we encoded using our own proprietary system. Here are some of the features of this product:

  • The energy broadcasted by this product is alive and intelligent and it comes directly from Source in real-time, therefore it has the highest purity and vibration and it listens to your intentions;
  • You can open it with any image viewer program and you can use it on your phone, tablet, laptop, or you can print it (color, full size);
  • You can amplify its energy unlimitedly with an intention (e.g., "increase amplification by 9000%");
  • You can minimize the image viewer program and you can also use the image while you sleep;
  • It's not necessary to look into the image or to think about it in order to receive the energy and you can close the screen of your device if you want;
  • The default size of the energy field broadcasted by this product is 18 meters in all directions and you can increase it up to 36 meters with an intention (e.g., "increase the field size to 36 meters");
  • We don't recommend using it as a wallpaper/screensaver or modifying it in any way because it will lose its energy.
  • The energy of this product neutralizes harmful EMF coming from wifi routers, phones, cell towers, etc.
Disclaimer: This product works with subtle energy and it is not a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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396 hz Solfeggio

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