Weight Loss Frequency

Get energetic support in losing weight

This frequency works on multiple levels of your being to help you lose weight.

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Frequency

Weight Loss

Get energetic support in losing weight

This frequency works on multiple levels of your being to help you lose weight.

Buy It Once And Use It Forever

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Benefits & Info

Heal the root cause that makes you gain weight

If you find it hard to lose weight, that means that you have a subconscious part of you that keeps the fat on your body for a valid reason that is unknown to your conscious awareness.

Almost in all cases, gaining fat and weight happens because of childhood emotional, mental or physical trauma that we suffered and because we had so many natural needs that were not met by our parents.

Knowing this, some subconscious disowned part of you might choose to inform your physical body to keep gaining fat in order to feel protected, strong or fed, for example. So, gaining or losing weight is not by accident, it’s not an error and it’s not just because you don’t know what to eat or you don’t exercise.

This frequency works on the emotional and mental aspect that makes you gain weight and also on the organs that are involved in gaining and losing weight. This won’t give you a perfect body in a few days, but it will support and inform all aspects of your being to work towards losing weight in a coherent way.

Here is a list with some of the benefits of the Weight Loss Frequency Product:

helps surface and heal the emotional wounds that make your subconscious choose to gain weight
informs your body to work towards losing weight
supports you in choosing the right diet and exercise routine for weight loss
makes you feel lighter

Other amazing features of this quantum product:

You can amplify its energy as much as you want (see the user manual).
It can be printed and placed on walls or under your seat or mattress and it will broadcast healing energy into your whole house.
It can also be used to charge and harmonize water, crystals or other objects.
You can leave it open on your phone at night and get healing energy while you sleep.
The energy is intelligent and it constantly adapts to your energy field, thoughts and intentions, making it easy to consciously direct it and work with it if you wish.
It can be used on your phone, laptop, tablet or you can print it, it will work the same.

Disclaimer: This product works with subtle energy and it is not a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The effects of this product may vary from person to person, that's why we invite you to test it for free before buying it.


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Weight Loss

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