Guilt Healing Frequency

Liberate yourself from guilt and live a freer life

This product helps you dissolve guilt and feel free of unnecessary burdens.

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Guilt Healing

Guilt Healing Frequency

Guilt Healing

Liberate yourself from guilt and live a freer life

This product helps you dissolve guilt and feel free of unnecessary burdens.

Buy It Once And Use It Forever

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Benefits & Info

Become immune to being manipulated through guilt

Guilt is one of the emotional mechanisms that make us feel like we constantly owe something to specific people and it keeps us trapped in a guilt loop. If you hurt someone or broke something, having empathy and starting to repair your mistake is enough. There’s no need for guilt, it won’t help you undo what you did. Instead, make sure that you fully acknowledge what you did, emotionally and practically, and start repairing your mistake (if you really did a mistake in the first place).

Guilt is also used by many people for manipulating others into doing what they want. Parents especially innoculate guilt mechanisms in their children in order to keep them from having their own life and to condition them to supply them with energy forever. Most of the parents do this abuse unconsciously, but that doesn’t make it ok.

Many of us live in a constant state of guilt without even knowing why, but the root of this problem is childhood abuse. Our parents conditioned us to feel guilty and forever in debt to them, but we don’t owe them anything because they chose to have children in the first place and we have a right to live a completely free life.

We created this product to help you heal from guilt and liberate your life from unnecessary burdens.

Here is a list with some of the benefits of the Guilt Healing Frequency Product:

helps you heal from guilt patterns and loops that keep you forever in debt to people
makes you feel freer and lighter
helps you go on with your life and respect yourself
supports personal boundaries and not giving up energy to people out of guilt
facilitates better relationships that are free of guilt manipulation mechanisms
restores optimism and courage
reduces the fear of punishment and helps dissolve worries
saves you from beating yourself up and judging yourself
helps restore the feeling of self-worth

Other amazing features of this quantum product:

You can amplify its energy as much as you want (see the user manual).
It can be printed and placed on walls or under your seat or mattress and it will broadcast healing energy into your whole house.
It can also be used to charge and harmonize water, crystals or other objects.
You can leave it open on your phone at night and get healing energy while you sleep.
The energy is intelligent and it constantly adapts to your energy field, thoughts and intentions, making it easy to consciously direct it and work with it if you wish.
It can be used on your phone, laptop, tablet or you can print it, it will work the same.

Disclaimer: This product works with subtle energy and it is not a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The effects of this product may vary from person to person, that's why we invite you to test it for free before buying it.


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Guilt Healing

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