Food Blessing
Food Blessing
Bless your everyday food and make it healthier and higher in vibration
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Food Blessing

This is a super useful product that energetically blesses your food making it more alive, higher in vibration, and healthier.

Just open this energetically encoded image on your phone and wave it for 1-2 seconds over your food. You can go into your kitchen and wave your phone over the fridge, over your food closets, over the table where you have food, etc. You can also use it on the food that you order.

You don’t have to open your fridge or your closets. Just wave your phone over them in close proximity (no farther away than 3 meters) and all the food will be instantly blessed. You only have to use this product once and the food will stay energetically blessed permanently. The longer your food stays blessed, the better and healthier will become. Keep in mind that after you cooked the food, you have to bless it again because the energy is lost in the process of cooking.

Now when you open the fridge you will feel a blast of high-vibration energy coming from all the food. It’s beautiful!

Another good idea is to print this image and put it on your fridge or in your food closets so that any new food that you put in gets blessed automatically.

This product does not work on drinks. It has to be food, any kind of food: cooked, raw, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, creams, etc. For example, if you have aloe vera gel (with pulp) in your fridge, that is considered food by this product and it will work. Anything that is more liquid than that will not be affected. It will not work on oils and things like that.

Here is a list with only some of the benefits of the Food Blessing energetic product:

  • makes any food last 40% longer before going bad
  • structures the molecules of your food and makes it healthier and a little bit tastier
  • purifies your food and clears other people's energies from it
  • greatly raises the vibration of your food
  • energizes your food and makes it more alive and vibrant
  • increases the energy field around the food
  • improves your health and your vitality levels by making your food better

This product consists of an energetically encoded JPG image (1111 x 1111px resolution) that broadcasts powerful and highly beneficial quantum energetic signatures that we encoded using our own proprietary system. Here are some of the features of this product:

  • The energy broadcasted by this product is alive and intelligent and it comes directly from Source in real-time, therefore it has the highest purity and vibration and it listens to your intentions;
  • You can open it with any image viewer program and you can use it on your phone, tablet, laptop, or you can print it (color, full size);
  • You can amplify its energy unlimitedly with an intention (e.g., "increase amplification by 9000%");
  • You can minimize the image viewer program and you can also use the image while you sleep;
  • It's not necessary to look into the image or to think about it in order to receive the energy and you can close the screen of your device if you want;
  • The default size of the energy field broadcasted by this product is 18 meters in all directions and you can increase it up to 36 meters with an intention (e.g., "increase the field size to 36 meters");
  • We don't recommend using it as a wallpaper/screensaver or modifying it in any way because it will lose its energy.
  • The energy of this product neutralizes harmful EMF coming from wifi routers, phones, cell towers, etc.
Disclaimer: This product works with subtle energy and it is not a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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Food Blessing

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