Curse Undoing
Curse Undoing
Remove all the curses and get rid of hidden blockages that restrict your life
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Curse Undoing

Curses can be done by people who practice black magic and also by normal people with a very intense harmful intention towards you. There are curses that are passed down in the family and there are curses that you might have gotten from enemies that you made later in life. Curses can also be from past lives.

The worst thing about curses is that they are very hidden and sometimes a person is cursed as a child and they live their whole life not knowing why a specific area of their life doesn’t work no matter what they do.

We created this energetic product to give you a simple but powerful way to remove any and all curses that were put on you. You might need to use this product for a longer time in order for a curse to be completely removed.

Here is a list with only some of the benefits of the Curse Undoing energetic product:

  • removes all the curses that were ever put on you
  • brings peace to the mind and soul
  • removes hidden energetic burdens that were put on you
  • unblocks certain areas of your life, depending to the curse that has been removed, so that you can live happier
  • helps with your physical health
  • increases awareness over things that have been holding you back
  • removes the sabotage energies of other people
  • cuts harmful energetic cords
  • clears your aura
  • offers psychic protection against harmful entities, psychic attacks, negative energies, etc.
  • makes you feel lighter and freer

This product consists of an energetically encoded JPG image (1111 x 1111px resolution) that broadcasts powerful and highly beneficial quantum energetic signatures that we encoded using our own proprietary system. Here are some of the features of this product:

  • The energy broadcasted by this product is alive and intelligent and it comes directly from Source in real-time, therefore it listens to your intentions;
  • You can open it with any image viewer program and you can use it on your phone, tablet, laptop, or you can print it (color, full size);
  • You can amplify its energy unlimitedly with an intention (e.g., "increase amplification by 9000%");
  • You can minimize the image viewer program and you can also use the image while you sleep;
  • It's not necessary to look into the image in order to receive the energy and you can close the screen of your device if you want;
  • The default size of the energy field emitted by this product is 18 meters in all directions and you can increase it up to 36 meters with an intention (e.g., "increase the field size to 36 meters");
  • We don't recommend using it as a wallpaper or screensaver, or modifying it in any way.
Disclaimer: This product works with subtle energy and it is not a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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Curse Undoing

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