5G Wave Cancelling
5G Wave Cancelling
Cancel all the harmful 5G electromagnetic waves and protect your body and your mind
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5G Wave Cancelling

We created this frequency to provide people with protection against the harmful 5G waves. Even 4G waves from towers and cell phones are creating considerable damage in our physical, mental, and emotional states. People don’t necessarily notice because we’re used to living with stress, illness, fatigue, lack of inspiration and creativity, mental incoherence, etc. All these things have been normalized, so most people don’t necessarily consider 4G waves to be dangerous, even though they are.

Most people don’t usually think that maybe we’re not supposed to live in a zombie-like state and that instead we’re supposed to thrive. We think that having low energy and feeling stressed all the time is how you live a normal life, therefore we don’t acknowledge the hazardous effects of pretty much all electromagnetic telecommunication waves. But now, with the launch of 5G electromagnetic waves, the health damage became evident for a lot of people in a matter of days. 5G is an electromagnetic weapon, it’s not something that we can avoid anymore.

This energetic product protects you specifically against 5G emf waves by cancelling them on a quantum level so that they become harmless on the electromagnetic level. If the 5G emf radiation is very intense in your area, you might need to greatly amplify the energy broadcasted by this product.

Here is a list with only some of the benefits of the 5G Wave Cancelling energetic product:

  • prevents the apparition of many illnesses caused by 5G electromagnetic damage
  • provides relaxation and relief
  • helps you live in a coherent and harmonious environment
  • helps restore the quality of your sleep
  • cancels all the 5G emf waves so that you restore your physical, mental and emotional balance
  • protects your brainwaves from chaos and hazard
  • provides pain relief
  • let's you ground your energy into the earth
  • protects you against emf oxidative stress
  • helps you recover your creativity, vitality, mental coherence and daily well-being

This product consists of an energetically encoded JPG image (1111 x 1111px resolution) that broadcasts powerful and highly beneficial quantum energetic signatures that we encoded using our own proprietary system. Here are some of the features of this product:

  • The energy broadcasted by this product is alive and intelligent and it comes directly from Source in real-time, therefore it listens to your intentions;
  • You can open it with any image viewer program and you can use it on your phone, tablet, laptop, or you can print it (color, full size);
  • You can amplify its energy unlimitedly with an intention (e.g., "increase amplification by 9000%");
  • You can minimize the image viewer program and you can also use the image while you sleep;
  • It's not necessary to look into the image in order to receive the energy and you can close the screen of your device if you want;
  • The default size of the energy field emitted by this product is 18 meters in all directions and you can increase it up to 36 meters with an intention (e.g., "increase the field size to 36 meters");
  • We don't recommend using it as a wallpaper or screensaver, or modifying it in any way.
Disclaimer: This product works with subtle energy and it is not a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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5G Wave Cancelling

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