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  • Huge money savings. Instead of paying €19.333 to buy all our 271 frequencies, you only pay €50/month and get unlimited access to all of them, directly on our website.
  • Access to future frequencies. On top of all our current frequencies, you also get instant access to all the future frequencies, included in the price of €50/month. Usually we release 15, 18 or more new frequencies each month and you automatically get access to all.
  • Freedom of testing. It gives you the opportunity to test lots of frequencies for enough time without the 1-hour free trial limit, directly on the website, and then maybe decide to buy some later after you picked your favorites.
  • Access to immense variety. Don't restrict your particular needs and desires to only a few frequencies that you can afford to buy. Get access to all our 271+ frequencies and rest assured that you can fulfill the specific need or desire you have in this moment with the right frequency.
  • Let the universe pick your frequency. You can use the subscription access to take full advantage of our "Let the universe pick your frequency" feature. Enjoy the frequency that was automatically picked for you, directly on the website, without the 1-hour free trial restriction.
  • Healing for your entire family. You can share your subscription access with your family and your life partner for free so that you all get positive energy and healing together. Enjoy the huge variety of frequencies together and discuss the fascinating healing effects and insights that you got.
Activation Steps

Click on the "Subscribe Now" button above and complete the checkout. After the payment is complete, your subscription will be instantly activated. You can now officially start enjoying unlimited access to our entire library of fascinating and healing frequencies, directly on our website.

How to Use The Subscription
  • You use the subscription exactly like you use the free trial pages. The only difference is that you get unlimited time on the free trial pages instead of the 1-hour time limit.
  • Our energy-emitting web pages work exactly like the frequency images do. The difference is that you access them on our website and there are no downloads.
  • When you have an activated monthly subscription, on all the product pages you will now see a "Subscription" button instead of a "Free Trial" button.
  • You can open multiple energy emitting pages of different frequency products in your browser if you wish to enjoy different energies in combination at the same time.
  • You can amplify the energy of the pages with intentions like "give me 8000% amplification", or "return to default amplification", use your own words and numbers.
  • You can use the subscription access on all your devices and you can also share it with your life partner and with your family members for free by logging in with your username and password.
  • You need an active internet connection at all times when you are using your subscription. We strongly recommend that you use cable internet instead of wifi or mobile data in order to avoid harmful EMF exposure (even though all our frequencies harmonize EMF to some degree).

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time by going to Account › Subscription. Immediately after the cancellation, you will stop being charged and your subscription access will be terminated.