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[Upgrade] We are upgrading all our frequencies to the next level

We are excited to announce that all the newly released frequencies will be upgraded and improved in many ways. Also, all the old frequencies will be upgraded to the…
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Why you shouldn’t set our frequency images as wallpaper

I don’t recommend setting the frequency images as wallpaper/screensaver on your phone or computer because they will lose some of their energetic strength and quality. You will still get…
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How to re-download your upgraded frequencies

From time to time I upgrade specific frequencies and I improve them. If you already own specific frequency products and you want to re-download their upgraded and improved versions,…
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How to correctly use the free trial pages so that you get maximum benefits

All our frequencies have a free trial page where you can test them for 1 hour each before you buy them. A free trial page is that page with…
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Why do we name our products “frequencies” and what are they exactly?

We name our products “frequencies” because people are much more accustomed to this term than other terms like morphic fields, energetic signatures, quantum energy, scalar waves, or subtle energy….
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